1. Abundant recreational activities: Staying active is good for physical and mental health.  If you live by the coast you will have easy access to enjoy activities like sunbathing, surfing, swimming, sailing, fishing, cockling, kayaking, walking, horse-riding, walking the dog.  Improve your health and manage your weight over the years.
  2. Meet new friends: Pursuing outdoor recreational activities means you spend more time out of the house enjoying life and therefore are more likely to meet people who share the same interests.
  3. A good night’s sleep: Coastal air is different than that found inland. The air along the coast is charged with negative ions that allow the body to absorb oxygen more easily which means that serotonin levels are more equalized.  This can improve your mood and decrease your stress level.  It can also help you to sleep more deeply and peacefully at night, and benefit your overall health and well-being.
  4. Sunshine: Our bodies depend on the sun to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D is responsible for improving the immune system, making bones strong and fighting off autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and MS.   When we’re on the beach, the heat of the sun affects our endocrine system which is the part of our body which secretes endorphins.  Endorphins are the natural chemicals in our body designed to make us feel relaxed and less stressed.  Regular exposure to the sun in moderation can reduce inflammation that is common in skin conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis.  Avoid spending too much time in the sun and always use sunscreen.
  5. Food: When you live by the coast you can enjoy fresh seafood at a restaurant or in your own home. Fresh fish tastes better and is full of healthy nutrients such as Omega 3. Support the local fisher folk by purchasing locally caught fish.
  6. Swimming in sea water: Salt water helps to heal wounds as the salt water cleans the wound and helps it heal faster.  Sea water removes toxins from the skin and replenishes it with minerals.  Sea water can help with flu symptoms like runny nose and help clear up acne and lessen acne scars.
  7. The sand on the beach and in the sea act as a natural exfoliator. While you are standing in the water wiggle move your feet and feel the sand between your toes.
  8. Social status: Many people subconsciously equate success with those who own or rent coastal real estate. In many areas of your life you may have to work hard to gain a certain social status and exhibit an aura of being successful.
  9. The family will love it: Whether your kids still live at home or have already flown the coop, your family will love the idea of living on the coast.  Older kids who are already grown will love the fact that visiting their parents also means enjoying easy access to beach activities.
  10. Boating: The more time you spend on the water the more relaxed and tranquil you become, strengthening your mind and body. Boating is one of the few known activities that has been proven to extend your natural life-span. It brings the family together, and provides opportunities to connect with the community through sailing competitions, regattas, and club memberships.